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Mask Blanks for standard Lithography

Lithography masks are used for the production of integrated semiconductor circuits for the structuring of individual layers. Lithography is an essential process step in microelectronics as well as in microsystem technology for structure generation in substrates or in functional layers located on them. Nanofilm developed low reflective mask blanks in the structure of metal chrome and chrome oxide with properties of spectral reflectance as shown below. Chosen antireflective coating depends on application aims and exposure wavelength respectively.  Please, don’t hesitate to  contact us for consulting.

Reflection of mask blanks for photolithography wavelengths and for the fabrication of microstructure devices.
Reflection of mask blanks for photolithography wavelengths and for the fabrication of microstructure devices.

Chrome thickness and Chrome Oxid thickness
Results of the thickness measurements (gray- unreliable measured values). For the determination of the Cr thickness the x-ray refractometry was used. It was not possible to measure reliably the thickness of Cr with the spectroscopic ellipsometry or reflectometer. The thickness and k was too high for both procedures.
Product variety of Mask Blanks
Nanofilm offers mask blanks with or without resist.
Following coatings are available:
· Aluminum (Al)
· Chrome / Chromeoxide (Cr, CrO)
· Iron Oxide (I.O.)
· Titanium / Titaniumoxide (Ti / TiO)

Optimized coatings for your application can be developed, please, contact us.

Resist coating
Standard resist AZ1518 with thickness of 530nm (softbake: 103°C / 30min)
Standard resist is positive Photoresist AZ1518 which is thinned for standard resist thickness of 530nm. Please, contact us, if you need  AZ - resist coating with another thickness beetween 300nm to 1500nm (AZ1518).

Special customer resist
Special customer resist chemically compatible with positive AZ Photoresist can be applied, please, contact us for a quote on customer supplied resist.

Substrate Sizes
A wide range of sizes can be processed, square as well as round wafers:
2.5“x2.5“ (30 pieces / box)
3“x3“ (30 pieces / box)
4“x4“ (30 pieces / box)
5“x5“ (20 pieces / box / for thickness: 0,120“: 10 pieces / box)
6“x6“ (20 pieces / box / for thickness: 0,250“: 10 pieces / box)
7“x7“ (10 pieces / box)
8“x8“ (5 pieces / box)
9“x9“ (5 pieces / box)
Up to 14“x14“, please, contact us if you need special substrate sizes.

Glass Types and Thicknesses
Please, find below typical standard glass and thicknesses. If you need special substrate types and / or other thicknesses, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Standard glass types are:
SL – Sodalime with thickness: 0,06“ (1,52mm +/-0,1mm) / 0,09“ (2,28mm +/-0,1mm) / 0,120“ (3,01mm +/-0,1mm)
B270 – B270i from Schott with thickness: 1,0mm (+/-0,1mm) / 1,5mm (+/-0,1mm) / 2,0mm (+/-0,1mm) / 3,0mm (+/-0,1mm)
QZ – recycled quartz (Cr structures are etched, after polishing the substrates are like new material, thickness  and surface are checked), please, (+/-0,1mm)
Thin Glass substrates  down to 0,5mm thickness can be proessed as well as customer substrates.
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