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Reclaim & Feedback

We are interested in getting feedback, please,  you are welcome to let us know your thoughts or proposals. We are interested in improve ourselves and may be we will be able to implement new  proposals. We appreciate your feedback, please, contact us.
In case of malfunction or reclaim we need information to identify the item. Please, send us the  following information (as much as you can get):
Lot-#: You will find it on the box labels on top: process date (last line) / resist lot numer (typically 4 digists) and on side label: shipment date
Packing list number: LB-x-mm-yy (for example: LB-3-09-18)
Your order number / order date: In case you don’t have access to Lot-# and / or packing list number, please, send us your order number.
Please, describe the problem as well as possible and if you have, please, attach us  photos.
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